Shoulder Ultrasound

Harry and his team use ultrasound for two main purposes.

  1. To visualise the tendons and soft tissues around the shoulder. These do not show up on xray which only shows the bones. Therefore xray and ultrasound are complimentary for showing the anatomy of the shoulder joint. Ultrasound is quick, safe and can be performed during your clinic appointment. Surprisingly it is just as accurate at looking at the rotator cuff tendons as an MRI scan and avoids the unpleasant experience of having to lie still in a narrow tunnel for 30 minutes.
  2. To guide the placement of the needle tip during cortisone injections. This ensures that the injection is delivered to exactly the right place for maximum benefit. It also avoids the complication of injecting cortisone directly into the rotator cuff tendon.

In this video Harry demonstrates the benefit of using ultrasound to aid diagnosis for your shoulder problem