From start to finish the whole process was incredibly efficient from first appointment to having my frozen shoulder surgery the following week (quick even with private cover), follow up physio was great and sign off from surgeon was a great relief after suffering for eight months. Great relief to be pain free.

– Mr GR

Frozen Shoulder

Thank you once again for your work in getting me back to full fitness. As a professional pilot and someone who enjoys all manner of sport my health and fitness are vital.  Therefore, a shoulder dislocation and fracture incurred whilst biking was a major concern to me.  I was, however, very fortunate to have been treated by Mr Brownlow who provided outstanding care throughout my treatment and recovery.  I firmly believe that his surgical skill and post operative advice allowed me to make a speedy return to work and resume all the activities I enjoy. Many thanks again!

– Mr RE

Shoulder Dislocation

I am just reading through my very comprehensive and helpful notes relating to my operation yesterday and realise how fortunate I am to be on the Circle's list of NHS patients.   My experience yesterday couldn't have been any better with everything thought of and all the staff so kind and informative and particularly Mr. Brownlow and all his team.  It's up to me now to carry out all their follow up instructions to make sure I achieve the best outcome I can from all their efforts!

– Ms RM

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Debridement

bell ringing

"If you are reading this and considering or had surgery for your shoulder the journey is worth it."
It has been a year since I had my right shoulder replaced .  I am now 63 years old and have had an active life in my career as a hands on Mechanical Engineer and have always been involved in sport being a keen Squash league player, playing football, fishing and I am also a keen Bell ringer where I constantly challenged and tested myself.  I developed a painful shoulder around 15 years ago and the usual painkillers and physio with rest never helped. I went to see my GP and I was delighted to choose the Circle Hospital from its fast growing reputation of excellent patient care. I met Mr Harry Brownlow and was put at ease from his determination to have me back fit and out of pain. I had another cortisone injection guided from a scanner to pinpoint the spot. This gave relief for a few months but the pain returned. Mr Brownlow performed keyhole surgery. The follow up appointment revealed I had significant wear  and I was offered a shoulder replacement with a view to be pain free which was performed in September 2016. I was told recovery would be slow but sure. It has taken a year of intense physiotherapy. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome, that gave me my life back. I have returned to Bell ringing and have rung a Quarter peak ringing a church bell fully stretching and holding the rope for an hour without rest. I am able to cast my fly line without pain and able to do all the jobs car washing, cleaning and now working on my house extension and yes feeling a bit stiff and sore after working hard but it doesn't last and I am confident for the future. If you are reading this and considering or had surgery for your shoulder the journey is worth it. I cannot thank everyone involved in my recovery enough but it goes to say you guys do a fantastic job and which I will always be grateful. Thank you

– Mr KB

Shoulder Replacement

"I have nothing but positives to say about Harry and his team"
After suffering on-going shoulder pain and discomfort for quite some time I was referred to Harry Brownlow,  he recommended we try a Cortisone injection making it clear that it might or might not work.  Having tried this and it working only temporarily he suggested that in my particular circumstances (going travelling for two years) we should progress to a sub-acromial decompression.  He warned me that this is not a quick fix and that it could result in significant discomfort for the first few weeks. Having expected the worst having had the operation I actually had a very good recovery taking painkillers only for the first few days and now three weeks in I am having a good recovery with only minor pain with certain movements. Harry has re-assured me that I should get full recovery in the coming weeks. I have to say the whole experience through consultation, the operation itself and since has been very positive with a great deal of care and attention being given. I have nothing but positives to say about Harry and his team and the service from the team at Circle. I am very happy to recommend their services

– Mr TH

Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression

I consider myself to be a 'seasoned operation goer' having had 21 ops, on various parts of my body, over the last 30 years - So as a British Sign Language Interpreter, specialising in Musical Theatre and therefore heavily reliant on having healthy shoulders, you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that my left shoulder needed surgery! In the past I have had various dodgy dealings with hospitals ranging from rogue physios who have given me the wrong information pre and post op, consultations with surgeons who I simply couldn't understand, to having procedures that I didn't ever actually need! These things not only made me dubious of surgical intervention, they made me terrified - that is until I met Mr Brownlow. There really are not enough words of praise to write here, but suffice to say he is one of the most gentle men I have met to date in any capacity. From my first consultation with him I understood exactly what was wrong with me and why, I knew what was going to happen in theatre and exactly what to expect afterwards, how long my recovery time would be and the long term prognosis for my shoulder. I would say that being made to feel at ease and having a sense of trust are the most important elements of going in to hospital, whether that be for a consultation, a scan, an injection or an operation, and that is exactly how I have felt with Mr Brownlow. I am currently waiting for the same operation for my right shoulder (my middle name is "Lucky" by the way) but rather than the fear and trepidation I have had in the past, I am looking forward to another seamless procedure performed by Mr Brownlow followed by being pain free. As you may be able to tell, I cannot recommend him highly


Thought I would give you an update – I am very pleased with your attention to my shoulder which you said ‘was in a mess’.  At least you now know that I was not malingering. I'm carrying on with the physio’s exercises and feel that I’m well and truly on the mend. There is still some discomfort in the forearm which I am sure will improve as long as I don’t abuse it.  This update is just an excuse to say ‘Thank you so much to you and all your team’ On every front I have nothing but the highest praise’'.

– Mr JW

Shoulder Arthroscopy

"I could not be more pleased with the results of the surgery, how it was managed and the care from Mr Brownlow and his team of real experts."
Being an extremely active, slightly sports obsessed lady, the prospect of life with a fractured collarbone after a road bike accident filled me with dread.  In fact, as my collarbone was actually broken in 6 places, the future of sport appeared rather bleak - not to mention being a mum of 2 active boys ! However, I couldn't have been more wrong and Mr Brownlow certainly changed all that ! He met with me within 48 hours of the accident, had a clear strategy of how to manage the fracture and explained all elements in a straight forward, calm and approachable way. Within 72 hours of the accident, I had a new titanium plate, 10 screws inserted, minimal bruising and more movement than I hoped possible. The scar was even made vertically so it is completely discrete. Through Mr Brownlow and his expert team, I always felt comfortable that the correct actions were being taken for my wellbeing and future. Within 2-3 weeks, I was functioning brilliantly and back to driving and living life. A further week on and I was back to spinning on a static bike, running and training with limited weight. The Circle hospital is a fantastic facility making every step of the way easy and dare I say pleasureable ! I could not be more pleased with the results of the surgery, how it was managed and the care from Mr Brownlow and his team of real experts.

– Ms DH

Clavicle Fracture