Mrs HB had been suffering with shoulder pain which was interfering with her long distance swim training but which we managed to settle without needing surgery. She successfully swam across the Channel in the summer of 2019 and is now looking forward to further endurance swimming events.

– HB (non surgical treatment)

I am writing to say that the World Full Power championships went well.  I equalled my age/bodyweight World Record for the total of the three lifts with 225kg, something I haven't managed in competition since 2016, so I was pleased.  When bodyweight and age coefficients are applied to the female 'Masters' (= over 40yo) lifters in the Worlds, I come out on top by a substantial margin - 365 points vs the second place holder at 312 points.
So you and I must be doing something right!
Thank you again

– Dr KW (AC Joint excision)

Just wanted to drop you a note to say a massive thanks for the work you undertook on my shoulder. It is now fully healed and working better than ever. Even Sonia, my physio, has discharged me and said I now have more movement in the shoulder than my good one! The care yourself and everyone at the Circle was outstanding, and I definitely would have no hesitation in recommending you.

– Mr JM

I had an arthroscopy at the circle and found all the staff amazing. Attention to detail from Dr Brownlow before and after OP was more than I ever expected. Well done to all staff there you do an amazing job. Rated Circle Reading Hospital 5 stars on Google

– Mr SC

I would like to thank every single member of state that had any dealings with me during my visit to Circle Reading. From the moment I chose the hospital, I could not have asked for a better standard of treatment. It was above and beyond anything I have ever experienced before. The reception staff, physios, catering staff and of course Pieta and Mr Brownlow made me feel safe and secure throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Circle Reading.


Rotator Cuff Repair

Your team and all the members of the Circle Hospital Staff could not have been more helpful and attentive.
Following my three month review with Pieta Blake I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with the result of my total left shoulder replacement. Your team and all the members of the Circle Hospital Staff could not have been more helpful and attentive. As a result of the operation and with the help of my physiotherapist, Linda Green I am well on the way to a full pain free recovery and am now able to sleep in bed at night instead of sitting up in an armchair. What a relief! As you know I was most reluctant to undertake surgery but in no way regret my decision to have the operation.

– Mr WH

Shoulder Replacement

"Would I ever go back to see Mr Brownlow and the Circle hospital? 100%, what a great experience"
I wanted to share my experience with Mr Brownlow and the Circle hospital in Reading. I had a problem with my shoulder and I went to see Me Brownlow. We met at Henley rugby club where Mr Brownlow has a clinic. I went there as I was in so much pain I needed someone to give me advice. We had never met before and Mr Brownlow was just about to go on holiday. There was no rushing through the consultation Mr Brownlow took the time to listen and assess me even though he was going on holiday that day. A cortisone was administered and wow did that help. Mr Brownlow advised me this may help but he felt it would not cure the issue. On further examination after the cortisone had lapsed Mr Brownlow confirmed an issue in my shoulder and that would require surgery to really solve the problem. The hospital admitted me and the process was very swift to have the operation. Once again Mr Brownlow and the hospital staff was excellent. What a difference bedside manner makes for a patient. From Mr Brownlow to the hospital staff excellent work. Would I ever go back to see Mr Brownlow and the Circle hospital? 100%, what a great experience. Keep up the great work your doing Mr Brownlow. For the Circle hospital staff all I can say is wow your a credit to the hospital and your profession.

– Mr JH

Rotator Cuff Repair

Could you please pass on a big thank you to everyone for today. I couldn't have been in better hands. Everyone was so friendly and so awesomely efficient! Looking forward to taking the strapping off tomorrow and seeing how much movement I've got. Thanks again.

– Mr JH

Arthroscopic Capsular Release