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By Mr Harry Brownlow, February 2018

In preparation for the New Year we have been working hard to revamp our website. Please take a look. We have reorganised and simplified but also added more content. In particular we are pleased to have introduced a number of videos in which we describe the common conditions and their treatment options together with the more typical written information. But also, crucially, we have included videos that talk about the issues which need to be considered prior to consenting for surgery. We hope that these will be used by clients who can now take time to watch and watch again the pros and cons of their proposed surgery. They will be able to share this information with friends, family and care givers so that the broad aspects of consent for each procedure can be given due consideration. You can now also find these videos and much more in the Treatment Info pages.

If you have decided to have your clavicle fracture fixed with an operation, listen to Harry Brownlow discuss important information that you need to consider.

We would welcome any and all feedback in order to continually revise, improve, and modernise the content.

We hope that the website will prove a valuable resource, not only to prospective clients, but also to physiotherapists and other allied health professionals.