Rugby tackle

Is surgery the right option after one shoulder dislocation?

By Mr Harry Brownlow, November 2018 The conundrum continues! Imagine Ben. Ben is a 20 year old man who plays rugby for a good local team. It is early in the season and he has just sustained his first ever shoulder dislocation during an awkward tackle. The shoulder was put back into joint by the…

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weight lifting shoulder pain

AC Joint Problems in Weight Lifters

By Mr Harry Brownlow, July 2018 Over the last 10 years an increasing number of people are attending the gym on a regular basis. For most people this is part of a general fitness programme which involves mostly cardio workouts and light weights. For others the aim is heavy lifting or muscle bulking. In 1982…

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shoulder dislocation

Reducing your own shoulder dislocation

By Mr Harry Brownlow, April 2018 Generally speaking there are 2 groups of people who dislocate their shoulder. One group, actually the least common, have a problem with excessively loose shoulders which dislocate quite easily and which pop back (reduce) relatively easily too. But the more common group are those people who do not have…

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When Shoulder Pain is a Pain in the Neck!

By Mr Harry Brownlow, March 2018 We had a really interesting meeting last week when I, a shoulder surgeon, Mr Patrick McKenna, a spinal surgeon, and Dr Kate Hutchings, a sports physician, met with 70 physiotherapists to discuss the common problems of shoulder and neck pathology. We learnt about how common shoulder problems can masquerade…

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New videos, info and more at

By Mr Harry Brownlow, February 2018 In preparation for the New Year we have been working hard to revamp our website. Please take a look. We have reorganised and simplified but also added more content. In particular we are pleased to have introduced a number of videos in which we describe the common conditions and…

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Christmas Tree

Baubles and fairies – a clue to your shoulder pain

By Mr Harry Brownlow, December 2017 Decorating your Christmas tree might give you a clue as the cause of your shoulder pain. If you pain is worse on very high reaching movements, such as putting the fairy on the top of the tree, and it seems to be coming from the top of the shoulder…

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Shoulder Pain operation

Shoulder pain – Will I need an operation?

By Mr Harry Brownlow, December 2017 Will I need an operation? Almost always the answer will be no. Most of my patients are successfully treated without ever having to have an operation.  Only about 2 in 10 people, in my care, end up needing surgery.  Almost always the need for surgery is because all other…

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Frozen Shoulder Pain

Frozen Shoulder – Still a bit of a mystery

By Mr Harry Brownlow, December 2017 Frozen Shoulder used to be a diagnosis that was given to anyone with a painful shoulder. Nowadays we have a better understanding of the condition and how to make the correct diagnosis. But we still have no idea about why it comes on and why it then gets better…

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